Why Wicked The Musical?

Wicked The Musical is incredibly popular for many reasons, most of which have to do with the excellent direction, production, design and acting that audiences are treated to when they attend the show. However there are many other elements of the show that are incredibly appealing to audiences of a wide range of ages. One extremely popular theme that runs through the show has to do with the subversiveness of differences, which is most strongly presented in the character of Elphaba. Not only is our heroine’s skin green but her personality is very different from those around her. Her physical difference also makes her look look at the world and others in a way that is set apart from her peers.

As the young Elphaba begins to learn how to interpret her place in Oz, she also shows a remarkable ability to look at things in a way that is very much independent of the society that she grew up in. She does not simply accept what she is told as fact, but judges things based on her own experiences. As Wicked tickets continue to be incredibly popular, this unique and appealing theme that runs through the musical can easily be considered one of the greatest appeals that he story has to theater-goers.

Enjoy Wicked.

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