Wicked in Omaha, Nebraska

Wicked opened on Wednesday, May 6 '2009 at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha, and everyone in town is talking about it. Even Glinda the Good Witch, also known as Katie Rose Clarke, who recently graduate from the Sam Houston Stative college in her native Texas. “When it came out, I never imagined that someday I would be playing the role of Glinda. I remember I was really taken by the music and story. I knew I loved it,” she said during promotions for the show. While Clarke was still in school the show debuted and now she takes on the role of Glinda, the Good Witch who is always sparkly, positive and popular. “She was, of course, beautiful,” Clarke says about her character. “Everybody loves her.” But she would surprise many when she reveals that it wouldn’t be so bad to take on the task of green one day - “I love my role, [but] it woudl be fun to do the green witch once. I’m not sure I could sing it.”

Stephen Schwartz wrote the music and lyrics with book help from Winnie Holzman to turn Gregory Maguire’s best selling novel from 1995 to the Broadway stage. The story follows two witches in school as they eventually become Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West in the unlikely partnership they form while sharing a dorm room. It’s a great play that deserves all the acclaim, so grab some Wicked, Orpheum Theatre Omaha Tickets today!

Wicked Makes Gershwin Theatre Top

Though the top rank was taken from them for just a few weeks, the Gershwin Theatre regained their number one position this week as the number one venue ranking for the week ending in Sunday, May 10th. According to TicketNews’ exclusive ranking systems, it was a close race with all the NBA and NHL playoffs that are happening this week, but the Gershwin Theatre took the gold due to one slight factor - Wicked. The Broadway hit musical that has been touring the nation helped take the Gershwin Theatre to the lead in both TicketNews’s Top Broadway Events and Top Theatre Events, with a score of 2.99.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales for venues from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given venue’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales for a venue, and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare venues within a particular category. If you want to see the show at the number one theatre this week get Wicked ,Gershwin Theatre tickets today.

Wicked vs Amedican Idol

We all know that American Idol is popular. But for the theatre fans, the truth is that Wicked The Musical remains at the top no matter which elimination is up next. The musical prequel to the “Wizard of Oz” had a 6.30 power score according to TicketNews’s Weekly Top Events for the week that ended on May 17th. The musical shot to the top even when competing with American Idol Live’s score of 4.51 and the New York Yankees’s 2.51. The rest of the list is dominated by sports events, as the baseball season is just getting in gear again, while playoffs and elimination season is in the air for the rest of the categories - but still, Wicked tickets and performances remained at the top for the sheer wit and character of Gregory McGuire’s The show acquired the top spot for all “combined events,” while “American Idols Live Tickets” made the Top Concert Events and “New York Yankees Tickets” the Top Sports Events.

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