Wicked vs Amedican Idol

We all know that American Idol is popular. But for the theatre fans, the truth is that Wicked The Musical remains at the top no matter which elimination is up next. The musical prequel to the “Wizard of Oz” had a 6.30 power score according to TicketNews’s Weekly Top Events for the week that ended on May 17th. The musical shot to the top even when competing with American Idol Live’s score of 4.51 and the New York Yankees’s 2.51. The rest of the list is dominated by sports events, as the baseball season is just getting in gear again, while playoffs and elimination season is in the air for the rest of the categories - but still, Wicked tickets and performances remained at the top for the sheer wit and character of Gregory McGuire’s The show acquired the top spot for all “combined events,” while “American Idols Live Tickets” made the Top Concert Events and “New York Yankees Tickets” the Top Sports Events.

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