‘Wicked’ Stars Worldwide

Former “Wicked” star Shoshana Bean may be in Vegas performing with the Peepshow cast, but she’s still got a lot of “Wicked” in her, as this week she performed with friend and composer Scott Alan, who recently released the album “Keys,” which Bean helped to promote. “I’ve defintely gotten lucky in my own career, but I remain a huge fan of all the great people I now get to work with. A few years ago I worked with someone I really admired and it was a terrible, miserable expereicne. So I made a pact with yself to only work with good people whom I admire and who treat me well in return.” The star is talking about working with people like Kerry Ellis, sutton Foster of Shrek and Megan Hilton of 9 to 5. The new star traveled to San Francisco for the first time to work at The Rrazz Room at Hotel Nikko where he’ll meet resident casts of Wicked. The singer has always been close to Wicked stars, like when he was suppossed to work with Eden Espinsoa, a Wicked member who should have been been on his last album; though she pulled out at last minute, it all worked out for the best.

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